migraine medication
migraine medication

5 Warning Signs To Know You Have A Migraine| Ashcroft Pharmacy

Today, migraine affects roughly ten million people in the United Kingdom. This neurological disorder needs proper treatment; if left untreated for a long time, your migraine headache can lead to moderate to severe pain, which can shift from one side of the head to another. However, before going ahead to try any available migraine treatments (UK), you need to be sure you indeed have a migraine and not a regular headache.


Below are a few warning signals to identify whether or not your current health condition is a migraine:

1.  Aura

One of the many warning signs of migraines you need to watch out for is “aura.” In case you don’t know, aura symptoms, which can last between 5 minutes to 1 hour, refer to a series of visual or sensory disturbances that surface right before a migraine attack.


Not all migraine sufferers experience aura. According to studies, only 30% of people suffering from migraine experience aura. If you’re one of those that have an aura, you’ll most likely experience certain visual symptoms, such as flickering lights, blind spots, and zigzag lines. Only one-third of people with auras often experience hearing disturbances, such as tinnitus and noises.

2.  Depression

migraine medication
migraine medication

Do you often experience mood changes? If yes, this can also be a warning sign of depression. Migraine has three different stages. The first stage is the prodrome phase. This stage can occur a few hours or days before your migraine aura symptoms. Depression or mood changes often occur during this phase (prodrome phase).

3.  Sinus symptoms

Before going ahead to choose the best migraine treatments (UK), another warning sign you need to be familiar with is “a stuffy nose.” Yes, a stuffy nose is one of the sinus symptoms that some migraine sufferers experience. In most cases, a patient with sinus symptoms also has a sinus headache, a type of headache caused by a viral or bacterial sinus infection.


Other common sinus symptoms you may experience as a warning signal of migraine are droopy eyelids and clear nasal drainage.

4.  Throbbing pain

A throbbing pain is currently one of the many warning symptoms to know you have migraines. A throbbing pain is a primary sensation that results from the rhythmic activation of pain-sensory neurons. These neurons are activated by cranial blood vessels. If you continuously have throbbing pain, the best thing to do is find and use a quick relief solution, such as Sumatriptan 50mg. This tablet is effective and will provide you with quick relief within 20 minutes.

5.  Neck pain plus headache

Do you often experience headaches and neck pain? If yes, you need to understand that this is one of the common early warning signs of migraines. Even after a migraine attack, you may also experience neck stiffness.


The best thing to do in a situation where you experience headaches with neck pain & nausea is to seek medical assistance quickly. Immediately treatment with the right migraine medication (UK) is important to prevent this issue from leading to more complicated issues.