10 Best Dive Watches Reviews & The Buying Guide

A dive watch designed with the sole purpose to take underwater while scuba diving. Diver’s use this watch to monitor their elapsed diving time. Though dive computers are in trend, many prefer a dive watch because of its style. Also, it works as a good backup just in case the computer fails. Dive watches built for diving. But you can use them for any other sport or activity, especially the wet ones.

They are of great value, and so you will like the best dive watches that are out in the market. There are cheap ones below 50 dollars, luxury ones averaging above 300 dollars. This guide will give you the absolute dive watches to choose from. Because a quality dive watch will last for generations. So let’s have a look at the best watches for diving out in the market.

Without further ado, Here are my top 10 dive watches:

Top 10 Best Dive Watches Reviews

1. Seiko Men's SKA413 Adventure Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver Watch Review

Seiko Men's SKA413 'Adventure' Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver Watch

Kinetic watches have the combination of quartz and automatic watches. Kinetic diver watches are perfect to add to your diving collection. The Seiko Men’s SKA413 “Adventure Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver Watch is a great buy if you are indeed looking for a kinetic diver watch. It has automatic dynamic movement.

Its case is 45mm stainless steel. It has skeleton hands, ribbed band, and a unidirectional bezel. It has Hardlex crystal dial and LumiBrite hands and markers to see in low light or zero light conditions. Its water resistance is up to 200 meters or 660 feets. Thus it is one of the high quality dive watches.

The Seiko Men’s SKA413 is a versatile and stylish watch with features attractive to both divers and non-divers alike. This watch is self-winding and powered by movement. The Kinetic movement of this watch is fantastic.

This feature makes the watch perfect for actions on the move. The watch can power simply by the movement of the arm. So no requirement for batteries. Also, this watch does not need any manual winding.

The Seiko Men’s SKA413 can amazingly reserve six months of power in it. Also, there is an indicator to show how much of the reserve power is left. The reserve power keeps the watch running always. Even long time without use, you do not need to rest its time and date. The watch can keep on going up to six months without use.

The Seiko Men’s SKA413 has the trademark Seiko LumiBrite hands and markers in it for seeing the passed the time under low light or zero lighting conditions. This is helpful in deep waters.

The watch made of Harlem crystal, stainless steel case and ribbed bands. So even with underwater diving impacts, there are no traces on the watch. The Seiko Men’s SKA413 has unidirectional bezel function. With this, divers measure the amount of oxygen let in their tanks. Also, the watch is up to 200 meters water resistant.

2. Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch Review

Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch

The Seiko Men’s SRP309 is a watch with an armored body. The watch’s whole body constructed of stainless steel. The case, the bezel, the bracelet- everything is stainless steel in this watch.

The watch also features the unidirectional bezel function and LumiBrite hands and markers. The dial of this watch is simultaneously classical and sporty designed. A reminder to all, Seiko has designed this as a downright dive watch. It is clearly not a fashion item nor has the looks. So trying it out with other outfits is going to be difficult.

The Seiko Men’s SRP309 is also called the “Orange Monster Generation 2”. Because Seiko has made this one as an upgraded version of Seiko Monster SKX781. The two generations of the watches feature minor changes between the former and latter. But the SRP309 has a significant upgrade regarding its mechanical functions.

The watch uses the new caliber- the 4R36. The SKX781 used 7S26 movements. Seiko planned to separate the two generations completely into two distinct product lines. The reason for this is, the two watches have different markets.

The SKX781 is much easier to use and can be taken with formal or casual wear. But SRP309 is designed only for sports purposes. It's extremely rugged look clearly indicates that.

For the very same reason, Seiko has named the watch “Monster” instead of anything else. The 24 jewel 4R36 caliber has more expensive functional upgrades from the 21 jewel 7S26 caliber. The new movement mechanism is more accurate, hackable and features hand winding.

These features have given the SRP series a bump in the price range than the SRX’s. But the watch is worth the price. The SRP309 also features a black dial and rubber strap variant.

3. Luminox Men's 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch Review

Luminox Men's 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

The Luminox navy seal watches 3059 is one of the toughest if not the toughest watch that is currently available on the market. Coming from a long line of Swiss-made watches, the Luminous watches has always ensured reliability and accuracy in their products. For such safety, the United States Navy SEALS have joined forces with the company to make one of the toughest watch currently available in the market.

In 1994, working with US Navy SEAL Chief Nick North, Luminox first put out the Navy Seal Colormark Watch series. Ever since then, for its strong strength and durability in extreme conditions, this watch has met incredible success.

The Luminox men’s Navy seal watch has a 44-mm case made of polyurethane. Its band also made of the matching polyurethane. The polyurethane carbon material gives this watch a military-grade durability and strength to survive in the most extreme conditions.

 The band also has a buckle clasp with a safety mechanism. Numerals are in striking orange Arabic to go in contrast with the classic black dial. The smaller orange numerals used to mark the 24-hour clock. Also, a date calendar is resting at the three o’clock positions.

The hands and the marks of the Luminox Men’s Navy SEAL Colormark Watch use the LLT- Luminox Light Technology. These makes the watch perfect for low light or no light situations.

The LLT ensures the watch illuminates in the dark up to 25 years. The watch offers better visibility in darkness than most other luminous watches. The much needed unidirectional, textured bezel has orange minute indexes.

This gives the easy watch readability. Analog quartz movement powers the watch. The protective glass made of mineral crystal for increased durability. For such toughness, US Navy SEALS and Air Force officers prefer this watch. The watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meters

4. Luminox Men's 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch Review

Luminox Men's 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch

Luminox makes watches by combine two things. One is the fine tradition and precision of Swiss watchmaking. The other is the durability and reliability demanded by the US Navy SEALs and other armed forces.

These two give birth to latest innovations in watch technology. Luminox was the pioneer of developing small, individual tracer lamps. These impressed the US Navy SEAL. So they collaborated to make a dive watch to use in night missions. After gaining more popularity, they also worked with the US Air Force to make watches specifically for F-117 Nighthawk Stealth pilots.

Luminox Men’s 3001 original quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch Series prized for its durability and unique illumination system. This watch shows off power and confidence whenever and wherever it worn. The watch equipped with LLT- Luminox Light Technology- which has a self-powered illumination system.

It makes the watches hands and dial markers brighter than most luminous watches in the market. The LLT ensures that the watch will remain illuminated for 25 years at least.

The LLT employs tiny self-powered micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) which are firmly embedded in the hands and the hour indicators on the watch face and the turning ring of the watch. These watches will not need any extra lighting source to charge the lights on the dial or the hands like regular luminous watches. Also, they will illuminate without any push off buttons.

The case made of a large- black painted stainless steel watch case. The case topped by a ratcheting unidirectional rotating bezel with 5-minute Arabic numerals engraved in white for better readability. The watch has an improved grip.

The black dial face stamped with white Arabic numeral markers, large white baton hands and a date calendar at 3 o’clock. The strap made of durable and comfortable polyurethane.

The glass made from scratch resistant sapphire crystal and an antireflective coating. The movement mechanism features multi-jeweled Swiss quartz movement. The watch water resistant up to 200 meters, making it perfect for recreational diving.

5. Seiko Men's SKX007K2 Diver's Automatic Watch Review

Seiko Men's SKX007K2 Diver's Automatic Watch

The Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 is a great dive watch available in the current market. It combines unparalleled versatility, comfort, durability, and legibility. It is great to purchase, especially for those who are always on the go.

The watch doesn’t need any external power sources to operate. Powered by Japanese automatic movement, this watches driven by the movement of your arms. The watch is stylish and durable, giving it an all-purpose use for work, sports or recreation.

The watch well built for durability and style. The case of the Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 made of stainless steel. The band also made of the same material secured with a fold over clasp with safety clasp. Dial is black, matching with the silver case and bracelet and hour markers and hands are luminous for low light conditions. It's protective glass made of Hard Flex glass. The is a Date and Day calendar at the three o’clock position of the watch.

This watch comes with looks and features that support both professional and recreational divers of all ages; You can carry the watch with formal, casual or sports look to your liking.

Style wise the Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 is a winner deal. Comfort wise the watch is great also. Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 uniquely designed with is crown placed at 4 o’clock position instead of the conventional 3 o’clock position. This relief the wrist from markings and irritation. Also compared to most other diver watches, the watch is light weight. You can move freely along the watch.

Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 IS enough DURABLE. It can last for generations. Powered by Japanese automatic movement, it doesn’t require batteries. Also, the design is durable and well built. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 200 m and can sustain pressure up to 200 bars.

6. Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Diver Watch Review

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch with Date, BJ8050-08E

Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E is one of the popular dive watche in the market currently. This timepiece is designed solely for the purpose of mixed gas diving and nothing else. A watch is an excellent option for both beginner level and pro level drivers.

The watch is designed well. The watch can be worn casually. Again the watch aims to take the brutal punishments that come underwater. The case of the watch made of stainless steel. The band made of Polyurethane.

It makes the watch both durable and lightweight at the same time. The protective glass material made of mineral glass. The case of the watch might be a bit large to many. But this watch has water resistance up to 300 meters deep. So the large case is necessary.

The Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E features a massive water resistance of 1000 feet or 300 meters. It covers all sorts of diving except the ones using Atmospheric Diving System. This long range is suitable for both amateur and professional divers.

Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E has a non-reflective crystal protection glass and luminous accents. They provide clear, easy to read display. The incandescent light of the watch provides quick charging capabilities outdoor whether it’s sunny or cloudy. The total charge time ranges from 9 to 105 hours depending on available sunlight.

The bezel of the Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E consists of a unidirectional rotating time elapsed structure. So you can keep a check on your timing always. The hour markers and hands are clearly designed to provide better readability for everybody. The watch has the Citizen’s new Eco-Drive technology.

The Eco-Drive uses light power to run the watches taking light power from both natural and artificial sources. So regular users of the watch will hardly ever notice their batteries running on little power. The Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E is great to purchase considering everything it offers.

7. Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive Stainless Steel Silver Watch Review

Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive Analog Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel...

Seiko’s long range of kinetic dive watches is very popular. Most users consider them as the top quality watch in the market. Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive is the legendary watch which put this genre of dive watches on the map.

This watch only built for being a dive watch. This one is a bit tricky to put together with non-sporting outfits. The watch is heavy and big. Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive is built of a 47mm diameter stainless steel case and same material band. The protective glass covering of the watch made of Hardlex crystal.

In short, the watch is super durable and can take possibly any punishment. There is a drawback for being such super durable. The watch is hefty. It weighs 225 grams, almost quarter kilograms. If you have a shorter wrist, this is not for you.

The watch powered by Seiko’s trademark kinetic drive system. Kinetic Drive system is a unique combination of quartz drive and automatic drive system. It gives the watch some distinct advantages. You do not need to change or charge the batteries.

The batteries charge themselves with movement. This means arms movement is enough to charge the watch. Also unlike the first generations of kinetic drive systems, it has a power reserve up to six months. The watch is auto winded. So no need for manually winding the watch.

The Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive has a unidirectional bezel function to keep track of dive time. The hands and the markers are illuminated with LumiBrite technology for underwater use.

There is a date operate in the watch as well. The tags are distinguished and easily readable. The Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive is water resistant up to 200m depth. It certainly has the perks of being an excellent addition to the dive watch collection.

8. Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch Review

Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

Luminox as the brand has made their name in the watch community. The fact that they’ve been able to combine two opposites in one watch make them unique. Luminox was famous for their tradition and precision of Swiss watchmaking.

They, with the help of US Navy Seals, have combined it with the durability and reliability of a military grade product. First made for the SEAL’s underwater operatives, the Luminox Navy SEAL series gained popularity both in armed forces, and everyday watch users. One of the most popular in those series is the Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch.

The Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch comes in two variants. The 3051.WO or the White Warrior and the 3051.BO- The Black Warrior. Both have same features except different color combinations.

The case and the band of the watch made of polyurethane- a lightweight but adamant carbon fiber. It makes the watch very lightweight compared to the other dive watches in the market. But regarding toughness, it does not lag behind. The display glass made of mineral crystal for increased durability of the watch.

The black variant has contrasting white numerals on its dial for easy readability. The white variant on the opposite end has black colored numerals for different colors.

The watch features a unidirectional bezel for divers convenience. Analog quartz system powers the movement of the watch. The watch is illuminated using LLT- Luminox Light Technology for better illumination in low light situations.

The LLT technology makes the light self-powered. The illumination can last up to twenty-five years. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters sea depth. For its durability, strength and versatility, the watch is widely preferred by US armed forces. Considering all these facts, this watch can certainly last generations.

9. Seiko Men's Black Dial Automatic Divers Watch Review

Seiko Men's SKX173 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Automatic Dive...

Seiko SKX173 Dive Watch is one of the best automatic dive watches currently present in the current market. This one is functional and very attractive at the same time. This watch is a great addition to anyone’s watch collection at a reasonable price. This watch is perfect for scuba diving and casual or formal wear. Such is the look of it. This watch is great for everyday wear if you want it. This watch looks cool and will make you look cool with it.

The case of the watch made of black paint coated stainless steel. The band made of urethane. The design of the watch is unique and stylish at the same time. The design of the dial looks elegant and clean. They haven’t used shiny metals at the hour markers. The minute hand and hour hands are excellently distinguished. The rotator elapsed time bezel is another bonus to this classic and stylish watch.

Japanese automatic movement feature powers this watch. Just meaning, you do not need batteries to run this watch. The watch will be powered by the movement of your arms. The dial and markers are illuminated with LumiBrite feature.

The display glass is made of Hardflex, which is useful for avoiding unwanted scratches. The watch is also pretty lightweight compared to its size. This is mainly due to the urethane strap. So you can carry the watch anywhere with ease.

The Seiko SKX173 Dive Watch features a day and date calendar feature. This calendar can be used in English days or Japanese days. The crown of the watch placed differently. Instead of the traditional 3 ‘clock position, the crown is at the 4 o’clock position.

This ensures better comfort for the wrist. This watch is water resistant up to 200m depth of water. Another bonus of this watch is you do not need a large sum of money to add it to your watch collection.

10. Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Stainless Steel Dive Watch Review

Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Dive Watch is a great addition to anyone’s dive watch collection. If you are a regular visitor of the beach and love to get wet for the time being, this is your perfect match. The Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Dive Watch very nicely stylizes your trip to the beach or scuba diving.

This watch is also pretty stylish to wear outside of the gym as well. The watch looks like gem whatever outfit you have on. Be it formal, casual or sportswear, this watch goes with them all.

Usually, dive watches are expected to be a bit dull looking. That is where the Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Dive Watch takes exception. The watch made of stainless steel case and strap. The design is very fashionable and tasteful.

Its black dial accompanies the silver case and bezel of the watch. This dial further sophisticated by the silver toned triangular hour markers and large luminous hand. The pop of red in the second hand is an absolute delight to fashion lovers. The dial window is made of Hardlex crystal glass giving it higher resistance to scratches.

The Seiko Men's SRP307 Classic Automatic Dive Watch is also very functional. It has all the features of a standard dive watch and more. The watch offers the 200m depth of water resistance.

This is not bad for occasional scuba divers. This watch comes handy underwater and in dry lands. The unidirectional bezel is very useful in the watch. This helps in determining the gas left in the oxygen tank. There also is a date and day calendar on the watch.

This is a nice bonus not to mention. Japanese automatic movement powers the watch. This means you can power the watch by arm movement. In short, dubbed as the original “Monster” this is certainly a best watch for diving currently available.

How to Choose A Dive Watches: Buying Guide

There are dive watches of all reasonable size, shapes, colors and designs. So why to pick these out of all the watches. Surprisingly enough, some of the so-called dive watches are only called so for the namesake.

They have the looks of one. But underwater, they can’t come for a single use. Some dive watches aren’t robust enough to survive at extended depth. Besides looks, functionality is something crucial when picking dive watches.

A good functional dive watch is an investment. You can hand it down to your next generation if it is a good one. A good functional dive watch must have the six basic dive watch functions and some more. That’s why these ten watches have made the cut. They will give you the opportunity to carry out a safe operation underwater. These watches have the standard features require plus more for a safe and enjoyable underwater trip.

We’ve picked these watches considering the traditional preferences and diver’ safe choices. Also when going for choosing a good dive watch, the price has been considered as well. These ten dive watches offer the absolute best at their price range.

There are more luxurious and expensive watches. But these ten seem to do the same job better than those $1000+ watches. These watches have a look, the reliability and fit within anyone’s budget.

Requirements of a Good Dive Watch

We were speaking of six essential elements of hunting a dive watch. These ten perform exceedingly well in all those criterions. The six of these that we are speaking of:

Water Resistance:

First of the necessary six qualities of a dive watch is it's water resistance. It is the most distinct feature of a dive watch. You are going under water wearing one. So the watch must be water resistant. If you find the display window of your watch cracked under the ocean and the dial completely soggy, then you should throw that watch away. Or even might donate it to the treasure of Davy Jones. It won’t make a difference.

A dive watch if cannot handle high water pressure, it’s useless. A dive watch should at least have a water resistance of 200 meters depth. To meet such requirements, the dive watch must comply with ISO-6425 specifications. This is a certified spec rating for all international standard dive watches.

The watches, however, stand a 25% higher pressure than the stated depth. So if a watch indicates it is 200 m water resistance, the watch must pass a lab test wit 250 meters water pressure applied on it. All the watches that we’ve listed in the list comply with the ISO6425 rating. They also have passed the said test.

Also to achieve such standards, the structural engineering of the watches is also necessary. In case the watch has to withstand a higher depth pressure, additional elements are added such as thicker crystal or sapphire crystals, beefier cases, escape valves, etc.

To withstand 200m water pressure, the watch case mustmade of surgical grade 316L stainless steel or modified carbon fiber such as polyurethane. The listed watches follow those building standards as well to construct fantastic watches.

Water Tight Seal:

For a dive watch, the crown and case back are the most vulnerable points for water to penetrate. So a good dive watch should employ a screw down mechanism and have good gaskets to provide a 100% water-tight seal.

You should make sure before any diving excursion that each pusher and crown is tightly screwed down for a secure seal. Some watch manufacturers have sealing methods employing double gaskets or cam locking mechanisms.

But, the general screw down locking method is more reliable and widely used. This is a must have the feature of a dive watch. Otherwise, the watch is good for nothing under water. Keeping that in mind, the listed watches here have that area covered as well. All of the watches feature the screw down method to prevent water from penetrating the watch.

A Unidirectional Rotating Bezel:

All classic dive watches for consideration should include a unidirectional rotating bezel with a luminous marker at the 12 o’clock position. This bezel provides another way to measure elapsed time that is easily readable at a glance.

The unidirectional nature of the bezel is a safety feature that ensures that the dial won’t accidentally move backward during your dive, giving you the impression that you have more time than you do. If the bezel does get nudged while underwater, the effect is that you will only go to the surface slightly earlier.

You don’t want to overstay your welcome underwater when oxygen limited, and this feature is just one more safety precaution that you shouldn’t overlook. We’ve checked while making this list that all the ten watches feature this unidirectional bezel function. This is a must need function underwater.

Easy Readability and Bright Luminosity:

The ocean can be a dark place. The farther down you go down in the sea, the darker it gets. To check on your watch must clear uncluttered and easy to read at one glance. The hands, hour markers and dial face, should be vast and easy to detect. And the illumination should be high enough to read in low light or no light situations.

Keeping all that in mind, we’ve picked out the best watches. These watches are clear, easy to read and have brighter illumination than most other watches currently available.

Materials Used in the Watch:

One important characteristic of a dive watch that often overlooked is the use of corrosion resistant materials. Also the use of materials that are easy to clean and resist sea salt buildup. You should look for cases that made of high-grade stainless steel or titanium. Other materials that can incorporate with ceramics and rubber.

Avoid plastics as they will become brittle over time. The watches that we have picked are highly resistive to corrosion. They incorporate uses of high-grade stainless steel or military grade polyurethane. These materials possess a longer life than others materials. The watches hardly use plastic materials in them.

Variation in Straps:

If you plan on wearing your dive watch both in the water and on dry land, it is important to get a bracelet or strap that can work in either situation. When in the ocean you will generally want to wear your watch over a wetsuit, and as such will need to make it larger to fit. All serious dive watches will have a concealed extendable deployment clasp that allows the bracelet to be extended to fit over a wetsuit.

If you don’t want a metal bracelet, there are plenty of rubber or nylon straps out there that would work just as well. The watches that we’ve listed here feature both steel straps and rubber or polyurethane straps. So have variants in straps, so you have your choices to pick from as you would like to.

Extra Features that a Dive Watch Should Have:

These are the essential six features that a dive watch should have, and our listed dive watches have all of them. But other watches are there which hit the tick box in these six features. So what does give our listed watches the edge? We said in the beginning, these watches have all the basics of a conventional dive watch and then some more to them. That’s what makes them the best.


Firstly, you will want to wear your dive watch not only for diving but in other places as well. Our listed watches can go with all sorts of outfits. Except for the Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster, all of them have the potential to be worn as casual watches as well. You will look stunning in a party or a formal gathering in these watches.

Durability and Reliability:

We’ve checked the fact that if these watches can stand the test of time. Judging from user reviews everywhere, these dive watches indeed have the caliber to do so. Anyone who owns a dive watch likes to pass it down to his next generation. This watch can last a long time to be approved on to the next generation, with unchanged service capability of course.


Another thing is the price of the watch. There are very expensive watches which cost over one thousand or two thousand dollars. They are among the best watches that are currently in the market. But our listed dive watches give you all the things that those luxury watches offer you at a fraction of their price.

We have covered the dive watches in our judgment and why they deserve to be called the best dive watches. It’s up to you to find a style that fits your personal preference.

If you prefer a giant bezel and bright colors the Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster could be right up your alley. If you prefer a more subdued look that would work both underwater and in a more formal situation take a look at the Seiko SKA413 or The Luminox Evo.

Are you looking for a timeless design that set the standard for dive watches and tool watches in general? Seiko Men's SKX173 is your ticket. Something a little flashier with the same beautiful styling as a Rolex? Let me introduce you to the Seiko SKX007.

Final Verdict:

So that pretty much covers everything that you should know before buying a dive watch. We have made the list of the best watches keeping one thing in mind only. That is to offer up the absolute best in the market to you who are reading these articles.

This list has covered every sort of preference you might seek when you are looking for the best dive watch and trying to buy one. Price, durability, functionality, looks- all of these considered.

From traditional reviews and our own judgment, these are the ten best dive watches that you can find out on the market currently. So if you are looking to pick a dive watch, choose any one of the above listed. Because it will be a winning deal for you.

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