Citizen Men’s BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch Review

Citizen Men’s BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch Review 1

Men love adventure. It is the spicy element of anyone’s life. The thrill, the rush of adrenaline is what we seek from the adventure. There are many activities for adventure. Different sports are among those activities. But few of these adventure sports are as popular as underwater diving.

Underwater diving has all the elements of adventure in it. Plus you can also enjoy the beauty of the deep sea. But there are a few things that you need to keep check before going diving. One of them is time. Because you have to know how much time your gas tank has. There are digital measures for that purpose.

But most divers prefer the analog dive watches to measure the time because they are stylish and reliable. Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Professional Dive Watch comes to mind when talking about those.

If you own a wristwatch of any kind, you have heard of Citizen. The Japanese watchmaker has been making iconic watches from the 1930’s. Citizen has always combined excellence with craftsmanship.

Citizen has always managed to deliver cutting edge watches in the market. It fuses technology with fashion. One of its remarkable technologies is the Eco-Drive. First launched in 1995, the eco drive series has captured hearts all over the world.

The Citizen Men's  Eco-Drive Dive Watch is a bestseller in the series. The watch has all the tools and looks to be a bestseller.

Features of the Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Dive Watch

Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch

One of Citizen’s most iconic series is the Eco-Drive professional diver series. The dive watch series is popular for its looks and unique technologies. In the Eco-Drive series, one of the most popular launches would be the BJ8050-08E. The BJ8050-08E is a Citizen bestseller. The watch is powered by Citizen’s trademark eco drive technology. That means that any need for batteries is over. The watch is built with a large 48mm diameter stainless steel case.

The strap of the watch is made of reinforced polyurethane rubber. The dial window of the BJ8050-08E features scratch resistant mineral crystal. The watch uses solar powered illumination system and has an unidirectional bezel. It is also water resistant up to a massive 300 meters sea depth.

A good dive watch is an investment. That is why you should look over your options when buying a dive watch. Citizen’s BJ8050-08E boasts itself as one of the best in the market. But why? Why is this watch one of Citizen’s bestselling watch? This watch has a good number of features to back its position. So let’s take a look at the special features of the BJ8050-08E.

1. Eco-Drive Power Technology:

One of Citizen’s iconic inventions was the Eco-Drive technology. It is a Citizen trademark and popular to watch enthusiasts all over the world. The Eco-Drive technology was first launched in 1995 to keep the environment safe. The technology uses light to power the watch. That means no need for any batteries.

If your watch gets enough light, artificial or natural, it will gain the power to run. The BJ8050-08E also uses this technology. The BJ8050-08E also has a notification system. The system notifies you if there is not enough light to charge the watch. This technology eradicates the change of batteries. This makes the watch environment-friendly which is a must in this world.

2. Illumination and Visibility Underwater:

As we said, keeping track of time underwater is important. The time you pass underwater tell you how long can your gas tank can go. But in deep seas, light for viewing is an issue. There is low to no light underwater.

So the underwater viewing is an important aspect for divers. The BJ8050-08E has non-reflective transparent and gleaming accents. This ensures clear and easy to read display. The hands and hour markers are designed that way also. The illumination system is also bright. It uses solar power to charge up. The illumination system requires 9 to 105 hours to gain full charge. This depends on the light density.

3. The case strap and Display Build:

The BJ8050-08E is built to survive all sorts of wear and tear underwater. The watch has a huge 48mm diameter stainless steel case. The strap of the watch is made of tough reinforced polyurethane rubber. The rubber is reactive to some chemicals.

So you should check the user manual for caution. Otherwise, the strap is strong. The display window of the watch is mineral crystal glass. This display is scratch resistant, clear and durable. Citizen has made the BJ8050-08E in such a way that it lasts for ages.

4. Unidirectional Bezel:

Every diver wants a unidirectional bezel in their dive watch. The unidirectional bezel only rotates one way. This helps to keep track of the dive time. The unidirectional bezel in the BJ8050-08E doesn’t lose timing unless you rotate it physically. So impacts underwater are not an issue. You won’t lose any time and will be able to keep an idea on your gas tank.

5. Water Resistance:

The Citizen BJ8050-08E is unique from other dive watches for many reasons. One of them is its water resistance. Most available dive watches are water resistant up to 200 meters. But the BJ8050-08E is water resistant up to 300 meters. That is huge. The watch isn’t called a professional diver for no reason. The watch is perfect for all sorts of dives except the ones that need helium gas.

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  • Exceptional design
  • Compact construction
  • ISO-Certified
  • Eco-Drive solar-powered quartz movement


  • Heavy on the wrist
  • Isn’t suitable for everyday wear

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Does this watch have the decompression limits on the wristband?

Ans: No, the watch band is a standard silicon dive band.

Que: How to charge the watch?

Ans: Anywhere with adequate light. But not in hot places with a temperature above 60 degree Celsius.

Que: Does it come with a warranty?

Ans: Sure it does. Only if you buy from an authorized dealer.

Final Verdict:

The Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Dive Watch is a bestselling dive watch for good reasons. It has the features and the style to call itself one of the best. The watch is must check out if you plan on buying a dive watch soon. You will not waste your time checking out this masterpiece from Citizen. Be sure to keep it on your checklist when you plan on checking out dive watches.

  • Updated 06/04/2020
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