Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch Review

Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch Review 1

People love adventure. The adrenaline rush, the thrill makes you and everyone excited. One fine way to an adventure is underwater diving. Underwater diving is one of the most fun and exciting adventure sports. People do it professionally and casually.

When diving underwater, you need to keep track of time. Because you need to maintain the check on your gas tank. There are many digital devices for this like Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch. But nothing beats a good old dive watch for underwater diving. Dive watches add a sense of style to the diving sport. A real dive watch is also an investment.

It will last up to generations. You can hand it to your next generation of divers. That is why you should take some considerations buying a real dive watch. In reliable dive watches, the first name that comes to mind that is the brand Luminox.

What specialty has in the Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Watch

Luminox Men's 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

The Luminox navy seal watches 3059 is one of the toughest if not the toughest watch that is currently available on the market. Coming from a long line of Swiss-made watches, the Luminous watches has always ensured reliability and accuracy in their products.

For such reliability, the United States Navy SEALS have joined forces with the company to make one of the toughest watch currently available in the market. In 1994, working with US Navy SEAL Chief Nick North, Luminox first put out the Navy Seal Colormark Watch series.

Ever since then, for its strong strength and durability in extreme conditions, this watch has met incredible success.

The Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch is another dependable watch that you can add to your collection of dive watches. After all, the Navy Seal watch made the Luminox brand more accessible than ever.

Luminox ever since joining the US Navy is developing technologies FOR NOT ONLY THR Navy SEALS but the US armed forces. The Luminox Diver series were first created for the brave men in the military. The incredible reliability and precision have still kept the brand a trusted name to the US armed forces to this day.

Many elite military forces consider Luminox their regular equipment. The top notch quality makes the series popular within casual divers as well. So what are the features that make the Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch so reliable to the Navy and the everyday people? Let’s check them out:

1. LLT for Better increased visibility in Low or No-Light Situations:

When diving, keeping check of time is most important. Because you need to know how long, your tank has left. But in deep underwater, there is often low to almost no light. So to read time in that condition, the illumination has to be top quality.

The Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch glows 100 times brighter than its counterparts in the market. Its lighting system is self-powered. That means the hands and markers will illuminate whenever the light is low. The Luminox Light Technology of it can last up to 25 years at a stretch.

2. Water Resistance:

The Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch is perfect for both professional divers and diving enthusiasts. Unless you are going to expedition diving where you will need helium gas, the watch is great. For underwater adventure or sports, the watch is a great combination.

This is water resistant to 200 meters, making the watch a good use in professional and casual dives. The crown of this watch has to be pushed before diving. This will prevent from moisture building up. So it is an important feature.

3. Rotating Unidirectional Diver Bezel:

This is an excellent feature for underwater divers. It is safer to have a unidirectional bezel so that in cases where the bump the bezel, no additional time is added to the oxygen supply. Because it can only deduct time. The rotation of the bezel is easier as well. The bezel also has a solid feel to it. Luminox also assures you that the bezels will not wipe off easily. Because they’re countersunk. Overall, the bezel has a strong look and feel.

4. Case and Strap Material:

Many Dive watch users have a problem with their watches weight. They often feel it is too heavy. The Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch solves that problem. The case of the watch is made of carbon reinforced polyurethane.

The watch is very light for that reason. But these does not take away its toughness. The materials are very durable and sturdy. These materials also have the low magnetic signature. This is helpful for people who need to work with a compass or near mines and explosives. The back of the case is also very strong, attached with four screws.

5. Glass Material:

The display of the watch is much clearer. The display is made of mineral glass. It makes it shinier and less prone to scratches. Some complaint about it being mineral and not sapphire. But the mineral glass reduces the price of the watch while giving almost equal sturdiness. So many do not think of it as a major concern.

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  • The watch functions and looks great, considering its price range.
  • It comes highly recommended by divers, the SEALs and the Air Force.
  • Its tritium technology makes this watch an excellent addition to any watch collector.


  • The watch doesn’t have an elegant look. So you cannot take it out on any formal occasion like some other dive watches.
  • The design is not much appealing to many.
  • Lesser quality glass.


Que: The description says 'mineral glass,' which I’m assuming is not sapphire crystal. Is it right?

Ans: Yes, on the Mohs scale, where the diamond is 10 and steel are between 5.5 and 6.5 depending on composition and heat treatment, Sapphire is nine whereas Mineral Glass is only a 7.

What does this mean? Whereas Sapphire is unlikely to be scratched, Mineral Glass will be scratched by hard materials like ceramics, some stones, and bricks, etc. This isn't an issue for a dress watch, but as an everyday watch, you will notice it - that's the reason I finally updated from the Luminox Colormark - after three years of hardware (policing) the face was scratched up.

Not so badly that it interfered with telling the time. So mineral crystal is cheaper and will do the job, but sapphire is worth the extra if you can afford it, in our opinion.

Que: What is case diameter in millimeters?

Ans: The case diameter is 44 mm.

Que: What is the power source? Replaceable battery?

Ans: Yes. Replaceable batteries power it.

Final Verdict:

The Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch undoubtedly a great collection of anyone’s dive watch collection. It has all the features that a dive watch should have. The watch is reliable, durable and sturdy enough to go through all sorts of wear and tear.

The watch also looks cool sufficiently to wear on casual occasions. The price is also pretty low for a good dive watch. So if you’re thinking of buying a classic dive watch, you can go for it. This watch is worth owning.

  • Updated 06/04/2020
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