Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch Review

Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch  Review 1

Underwater diving has all the adventure elements in it. When you go underwater diving, keeping track of time is essential. Because you need to keep a measure of the gas spent from the time you pass underwater. There are digital steps for keeping track of time. But nothing is as classy as a good old dive watch. They are fashionable and elegant. They also keep track of time pretty well underwater.

A good dive watch is an investment. Because you can pass down a dive watch to many generations. Now when speaking of dive watches, the name Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch comes to mind at first.

Seiko is one of the most renowned watch producers in the world. The Japanese watch manufacturer has made many iconic watches for the past few decades. Seiko is well known for its use of style and technology in their watches.

They are also a powerhouse in the world of dive watches. They have produce bestselling dive watches of different technologies for years. One of those techniques is the kinetic diver technology. The Kinetic dive watches of Seiko have gained quite some popularity in the world. The Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch is one of those watches.

What Specialty Does the Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch Have?

Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive Analog Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel...

The Seiko SKA371 is the watch in Seiko’s Prospex series of watches. This is unique due to its kinetic movement technology which powers its movement. The watch is also known as BFK. BFK stands for “Big Freaking Kinetic.” This watch is vintage Seiko. From a glance, you can tell that it’s a Seiko watch.

The strap, case all feature Seiko’s elegant and classy design. The watch is simple and elegant. The watch is also very easy to read. This watch also has Seiko trademark features. It has the Seiko Hardlex display. It also uses the Seiko LumiBrite for illumination in low light conditions.

A dive watch is an investment. So when buying a dive watch, you should consider its features. The Seiko SKA371 is one of Seiko’s bestselling timepieces. So what features does the SKA371 offer? Let’s check them out.

1. Kinetic Movement Technology and Self Winding:

Kinetic divers are favorite for one reason. They do not require any batteries. They are powered by the movement of your wrist. So no need to worry about the batteries running out. You move your arms quite a lot when you dive. So you can easily power your watch during that time.

The kinetic dive technology also self-winds the watch. So you don’t need to wind the watch manually. This removes a lot of hassle.

2. LumiBrite Hands and Markers:

When you go underwater diving, you have to keep check of your time. Because you can tell the time elapsed on your gas tank. But when you go underwater, light is an issue. There is often low or no light deep underwater. But Seiko SKA371 has that issue covered.

Seiko uses its trademark LumiBrite technology in its hands and hour markers. The illumination can go up to a stretch of many hours after fully charged. This technology is helpful underwater. Because high illumination is needed to tell time in deep waters.

3. Strap and Case and Display Material and Build:

People want their dive watches to be tough. In underwater diving, dive watches go through a lot of wear and tear. So you would want your dive watch to withstand high impacts. Seiko SKA371 is pretty well built.

The case is made of 42mm stainless steel casing. The dial window is made of Seiko trademark Hardlex crystal. The strap is also made of stainless steel. These materials make the watch a tough customer. The watch can take all sorts of high impacts that you expect underwater and more. The watch will go through all wears and tears and still look like new.

4. Clear Display and Easy Readability:

The display window is made of Hardlex crystal which is very clear. This gives you a good view of the dial. The dial is black. To go with the black dial, the hands and hour markers are white. This makes the watch easy to read. With the LumiBrite illumination and different dial design, you can easily tell time.

5. Double Safety Clasp:

The Seiko SKA371 features a fold-over clasp with a double push safety button. This is there to make the watch fit your hand perfectly. This feature ensures that the watch is neither nor loose on your wrist. This watch will be a perfect comfort fit on your wrist.

6.Unidirectional Bezel:

The movement of a dive watches bezel is really important. You can ask any diver. They will tell you the same thing. The unidirectional bezel can only deduct time. It cannot add. So upon impact, no time will be added to the watch. This feature is really important for dive watches. Because the unidirectional bezel will not add any time to you, gas tank. The SKA371 has that feature for the safe diving experience.

7. Water Resistance:

Water resistance is an important aspect of a dive watch. The Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. This is a good depth for both occasional and professional divers alike. This helps both kinds of divers to go deep underwater diving.

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  • Heavy and well built. Great watch.
  • Its substantial case-back is curved to fit on the wrist.
  • The crown is simply easy to grip and turn.
  • It based on kinetic movement. So it keeps a good time.
  • Extraordinary for any quartz watch that only loses half a second per week.


  • The watch is a bit bulky. So it can turn off many.
  • Its second hand is very light. So desperate to read in total darkness.
  • Luminescent markers that don’t glow. Bummed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What is the max power reserve on this watch?

Ans: 4 to 6 months

Que: Does the watch glow in the dark?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Que: Does the watch come with a warranty?

Ans: Yes. Only if you purchase from an authorized retailer.

Que: Is it a screw down crown?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Final Verdict:

Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch is one of Seiko’s bestseller for a reason. The watch is popular among divers of all edges. The watch is of decent look and decent size. So you can also wear it casually as well. It is sturdy and durable as well. In short, if you plan on adding a kinetic diver to your dive watch collection, Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch is a sound investment.

  • 04/04/2020
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