Seiko Men’s SKA413 “Adventure” Kinetic Diver Watch Review

Seiko Men’s SKA413 “Adventure” Kinetic Diver Watch Review 1

People love using diver watches. It is a great device to track time when diving underwater. Also if the watch has the looks, you can wear it anywhere you want to take it with you. A real dive watch is great to add to your collection. Also, a reliable dive watch can certainly last up to ages.

So you can hand it down to your next generation as well. That is why people take a lot of consideration buying a good dive watch. While speaking of good dive watches, Seiko has always provided some great and well-looking dive watches to use like Seiko Men's SKA413.

People who use any watch, especially dive watch, have heard the name Seiko. This Japanese watch maker company is famous throughout the world for its cutting edge innovative and stylish watches.

Ever since the company’s start in the 1980s, they have delivered some iconic watches and technologies. One such technology to name will be the kinetic diver watches. In the kinetic diver watches, the Seiko SKA413 has left quite a mark on everyone.

Interesting features of Seiko Men's SKA413 Adventure Kinetic Diver Watch

Seiko Men's SKA413 'Adventure' Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver Watch

Kinetic diver watches are unique from the start. These watches combine the elements of quartz and automatic watches at the same time. With the efficiency of a diver watch, they become the ultimate dive watch. Seiko’s Seiko Men SKA413 Adventure Kinetic Diver watch falls under their Perspex watches collection.

To be an owner of a cutting edge technology diver watch, must you need to buy a kinetic diver. And for kinetic divers, this model is an excellent choice to pick. The watch has automatic kinetic movement. It is made of 45mm stainless steel casing. It also has a unidirectional bezel.

The hands are skeleton shaped, and the belt is gear shaped and ribbed. The watch also features two Seiko trademark features. It has the Hardlex crystal display and LumiBrite lamination system in the dial and hands. The watch is water-resistant up to 200-meter sea depth.

There are digital technologies for diving underwater. But nothing makes a good dive companion like a dive watch. The Seiko Men's SKA413 is a great diving partner. It has features for both professional and casual divers alike so all can enjoy a nice little dive.

 This has appealed to the casual divers as well. Because of you can wear it outside of diving. This watch looks that good. So let’s check out why should you buy the Seiko Men's SKA413:

1. Self Winded and Kinetic Movement:

The main advantage of a kinetic diver watch is that does not require batteries. The movement of arms powers the watches. So you don’t have to worry about the power of the watch running out.

This is a great feature for a dive watch. Diving incorporates a lot of movement, so the power is not an issue. The watch also winds itself with the kinetic movement. So no need for additional manual winding.

2. Power Reserve and Indicator Function:

The smart watches, even the dive watches don’t have a large reserve capacity. The reserve capacity means the power stored in the watch.

This power will run the watch even if you’re not wearing it. The Seiko Men's SKA413 excels here. This watch can store and reserve up to six months of backup power. This feature is great considering you will not wear a dive watch on a daily basis.

Also, you can check out how long the reserve will last. The watch has a feature for that. So even if you don’t wear this watch for weeks, it will still show the correct time.

3. LumiBrite Hands and Markers:

LumiBrite illumination technology is a Seiko Trademark. The LumiBrite Technology is an environmentally friendly lighting system for low light or no light conditions. The Seiko SKA413 also features that technology.

Diving underwater, you will need all the light that you can get from your watch. The Seiko SKA413 can glow brightly for hours at a stretch even in no light or low light conditions. In underwater, the watch helps you tell how much time do you have left in your tank.

So in dark conditions, high illumination watch is needed. The Seiko SKA413 delivers there.

4. Dial, Crystal, and Strap:

The Seiko Men's SKA413 is tough to the core. It will survive all sorts of wear and tear you can hurl at it. The watch still will look like new in the long run of things. The watch features the Hardlex crystal display.

This assures you of the screen remaining free from impacts and scratches. The case is also durably made of stainless steel. The urethane strap removes any worries about its quality deteriorating underwater. So for marine use, the watch is a great buy.

5. Diver Assisting Features:

A unidirectional bezel is crucial for underwater diving. With the help of it, the divers determine the elapsed time of their gas tank. Also, the watch is 200 meters water resistant. This was helpful for both occasional and professional divers for a regular dive. These features make the look at a handy dive watch.

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  • Silk like movement of the Unidirectional Bezel
  • Kinetic Movement power system
  • Shows time correctly even after long periods of no use


  • The skeleton hands illuminate a bit less bright
  • The band is a turn off if you prefer steel bands
  • More expensive

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que: Can someone tell me what the button above the crown does?

Ans: It is the Power reserve indicator function. It notifies you about how much reserve is left in the watch.

Que: Do time markers and hands glow in the dark?

Ans: Yes, They do.

Que: Does Seiko warranty cover this watch?

Ans: Yes, it is. Only if you buy from a trusted and licensed retailer.

Final Verdict:

Seiko has always made excellent watches. In dive watches, they are no exception. The Seiko Men's SKA413 is a prime example of that. The watch is made with top quality and beautiful design. You can wear it anywhere you like.

You can go either diving or wear it to a casual occasion. The watch is reliable and will last a long time. So if you are looking to add a kinetic diver in your collection, go for the Seiko SKA413.

  • Updated 06/04/2020
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