Seiko Men’s SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch Review

Seiko Men’s SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch Review 1

Underwater diving is a fun sport. People love adventure and this sport provides that. Underwater diving has the thrill and adrenaline rush that you look for. There are some key elements to underwater diving.

You need to check on them for a good dive in the sea. One of those elements is time. You must keep a check on the time passed underwater when you go diving. Because that time tells you exactly how long your gas tank will last.

There are many measures for this purpose. But nothing is as cool or fashionable as a dive watch. Many professional and casual divers prefer dive watch. But if you want to own a dive watch, it has to be good and reliable. One of the best in that regard will be the Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch.

Seiko is one of the world’s most renowned wristwatch brands. It has always implemented fashion and cutting edge technology together. People love the watches that this Japanese watchmaker produces. Seiko is a reliable brand with an affordable price tag.

In the dive watch world, Seiko is a giant as well. It has produced many bestsellers throughout the years. It always manages to incorporate something new into dive watches. The Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch is its one of the bestsellers. This watch is one of Seiko’s most popular creations. It is a great dive watch.

Special features of the Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch

Lovers of the Seiko Men's SRP309 call it the “Orange Monster”. It's huge bulky size is a reason behind that. The SRP309 is an armored watch in your hands. This is huge in it built. It looks like indestructible.

It has a huge 42.5mm diameter stainless steel case. The strap is also a stainless steel bracelet. The display window of the watch is made of Seiko trademark Hardlex crystal. Many call the SRP309 the “Vampire”. The reason behind that will be its teeth shaped hour markers.

The illumination system of the watch is also a Seiko trademark-the LumiBrite technology. Powered by Japanese automatic movement, the SRP309 boasts an orange dial and analog display. This watch has a water resistance of 200 meters sea depth.

The Seiko SRP309 is one of Seiko’s most popular creations. It is one of its bestseller watches. Many divers when looking to buy a dive watch, keep this in their checklist. But why? What does the SRP309 have that makes it so special? Here we will see over that. Let’s look at the details of the SRP309’s special features.

1. Powered by Automatic Movement:

The SRP309 is powered by Japanese automatic movement technology. The automatic movement technology means that the watch doesn’t need batteries to operate. It gains power when you wear it. These type of watches are powered by the movement of the wrist. The winding system also works that way as well.

2. New 4R36 Movement Technology:

Seiko’s older automatic watches feature the automatic 21 jewel 7S26 movement technology. Automatic movement technology has one little problem. Each week, you lose some minutes from the precise time.

To keep precise time manual winding is required for these watches. The old 7S26 doesn’t feature manual winding. The SRP309 uses the 24 jewel-4R36 movement technology. This movement technology is slightly more accurate than 7S26.

Also, it features manual winding or hacking the watch. You only lose 7-10 seconds each day. Its performance has upgraded the automatic movement of the watch.

3. The case, Strap, and Display build:

People call the SRP309 “Orange Monster” for a good reason. It is built like an armored watch. It is built of a 42.5mm diameter stainless steel case. The case design is bulky and large. The strap of the watch is made of the same material.

The watch is heavy and bulky. This watch is as tough as they come. The display window of the watch is the Seiko trademark Hardlex crystal. Seiko has built the watch to last for ages. This watches tough build can make it survive all the wear and tear of underwater diving. Despite all that, the watch will still look as new.

4. Illumination System:

Keeping track of time underwater is important. You know the timing of your gas tank from the time passed underwater. But that is a difficult task underwater. Because in the deep sea, there is often low to zero light.

So without illumination, tracking time is impossible. The SRP309 has that issue covered, The SRP309 has a bright orange dial. The hands and markers on it are illuminated by Seiko Lumibrite technology. The illumination system is bright. Combined with the orange display, watching time is easy with the SRP309 in low light.

5. Unidirectional Bezel:

Ask any diver about what is an absolute need for a dive watch. Every one of them will answer that a unidirectional bezel. A unidirectional bezel is a must have the system in a dive watch. When diving underwater, watches go under impacts. A bi-directional bezel may add time on your gas tank upon the type of impact. But a unidirectional bezel can’t do that. Because it only deducts time. The SRP309 features a unidirectional bezel.

6. Water resistance:

A good dive watch should have a water resistance of at least 200-250 meters. This depth makes the watch a good companion for both recreational and professional dives. The SRP309 qualifies in that division as well. The Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch has a water resistance of 200 meters sea depth. This watch is a good companion for both recreational and professional dives.

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  • Strong Build.
  • New Movement System.
  • The watch is ISO 6425 certified.
  • Well finished.


  • A bit too heavy on the wrist.
  • Looks don’t appeal to everyone.
  • Doesn’t suit all types of outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How long does it run if you are not wearing it?

Ans: Up to 45-50 hours.

Que: What is the movement?

Ans: It's a Seiko 4R36 automatic movement. It supports both hand winding and is hackable.

Que: Does it go to 31 each month or does it have a perpetual calendar?

Ans: It's not perpetual watch, it does go to 31 each month.

Que: Does it have the warranty?

Ans: Yes it does. Only if you buy it from an authorized dealer.

Final Verdict:

Upon its release, the SRP309 became Seiko’s one of many bestsellers. The watches features and reliability have ensured that. Seiko is popular to their customers for its reliability with an affordable price tag. The Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch carries that popularity as well. If you plan on buying a dive watch, this one is worth checking out.

  • Updated 27/08/2018
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