Best Brain Supplements to Assist with Brain Health

Brain supplements are all-natural dietary supplements that support improved cognitive performance and brain health. The best supplements can boost your overall health in a number of ways, including enhanced cognition, focus, memory, energy, mood, and motivation.


Finding the best brain support supplement, however, can feel like a daunting process with the abundance of brain enhancers on the market. We’ve evaluated the best brain supplements based on a range of criteria, including components, efficacy, reviews, price, and guarantee, to assist you in making a choice.


Here are the top-rated supplements for brain health to try if you’re ready to improve your memory, attention, focus as well as to reach your full potential.


Top 3 Brain Supplements to Use Today

CDP Choline

The phospholipids phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, and sphingomyelin, which are essential for the health of neurons and the myelin sheath that surrounds them, are restored to the brain’s levels by the active Cytidine Diphosphate Choline. It is important to note that key neurotransmitters including acetylcholine, which is important for memory, dopamine, which is essential for mood and fine motor control, and norepinephrine are however increased in the brain (for mental energy).

In addition, aging may produce changes in membrane function due to a decrease in choline as well as ethanolamine glycerophospholipid production or an increase in their breakdown, which can impair cognitive function. The infusion of CDP-choline improves the overall concentration of phosphatidylcholine and some other relevant phospholipids in the brain, and in some circumstances may improve neurotransmission, according to experimental investigations. In addition, research shows the promise of CDP Choline to support memory, cognition, focus, and brain repair following strokes and concussion.


Nutritional Lithium

Lithium salts have served as a well-liked health tonic for millennia. This uncomplicated mineral has been used throughout history to treat conditions as diverse as asthma, gout, even migraines.

Brain Health
Brain Health

Lithium is best known in modern medicine for its capacity to promote mood stability in victims of affective disorders. There is currently a considerable body of evidence that shows nutritional lithium increases brain as well as central nervous efficiency, way down to the cellular scale. Scientific research indicates that this extraordinary mineral may be effective (in microdose form compared to pharmaceutical lithium) to treat cognitive deterioration.


At New Beginnings, we’ve got 3 forms that we sell 10 and 4.5 mg capsules, and a liquid formulation, which is best for children. So whichever form you prefer, we’ve got you covered.


Magnesium Threonate

You’re probably aware of the value of magnesium by now. So vital that over 300 bodily functions, many of which support proper brain function, depend on adequate magnesium levels.


Critical brain processes like learning, cognitive function, focus, and even executive behavior are all impacted by magnesium. What if I told you, however, that the majority of magnesium-containing supplements do not work well in the brain?


Common types of magnesium may just raise the rates inside the cerebrospinal fluid by less than 19%, despite the fact that they can boost blood levels in the body by 300%!


Yet studies have shown that the magnesium form known as magnesium threonate (Magtein®) can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and raise levels of magnesium in the brain.


For people who require extra help for their memory and cognition, we offer NeuroMagT, a novel brain support supplement. Reduced Stress & Calming Attention & Concentration This product is special since it combines magnesium threonate with L-theanine and L-taurine.


The amino acid L-theanine, which is present in both green and black tea, aids in fostering a calm demeanor by raising alpha brain waves, resulting in a calm mood without drowsiness.


L-taurine on the other hand is an amino acid that is present in all parts of the body as well as in foods including meat, dairy, and shellfish. According to research, taurine can encourage the connections and formation of new brain cells. It has also been demonstrated to reduce inflammation in the brain and shield the entire brain from toxicants and excessive stimulation.