Everything You Should Know About Ventilin Asthma Inhaler Ashcroft Pharmacy

Although asthma is an incurable long-term lung disease, you can always manage its symptoms with the right asthma medications. Today, one of the most effective medications for asthma treatments is this Ventolin asthma inhaler. Ventolin is a branded version of asthma Salbutamol that helps to treat different symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulties, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The active ingredient in this inhaler is Salbutamol, and it comes with a blue package.


In the rest of this post, you’ll better understand how Ventolin asthma inhalers work, including their side effects.

Functions of asthma inhalers – Ventolin

In case you don’t know, the primary function of asthma Ventolin inhalers is to help relax the airway muscles of your lungs. This relaxation is what is needed to improve your breathing issues.


One highlighting feature of these inhalers is that they provide patients with quick relief from asthma symptoms, especially breathing difficulties. This explains why Ventolin is known as a reliever asthma inhaler.


Overall, Ventolin inhalers are very effective and only give a few side effects. However, for you to enjoy all the benefits of this asthma medication, you need to use them according to your doctor’s or pharmacist’s prescription. The good thing about these inhalers is they are also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Asthma Ventolin inhalers have their exact dosages. As such, it’s not advisable to use any if the inhalers unless you start experiencing certain asthma symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. It’s also okay to use these inhales when you’re considering engaging in certain physical activities, such as exercising, climbing stairs, and running.


Regardless of your age, Ventolin asthma inhalers are perfect and effective. However, you might need to speak with your doctor if you have certain allergies before using Ventolin. The good thing is that these reliever asthma inhalers are only available for purchase with a prescription from your doctor or an approved independent prescriber.

Asthma Ventolin inhaler: dosage     Free A Doctor Giving Medication to a Girl through a Nebulizer Stock Photo

  •     One or two puffs of Ventolin inhaler is the standard dosage. According to the manufacturer, you should only take this asthma medication at most 4 times within 24 hours, regardless of your number of puffs.


  •     As earlier mentioned, it’s advisable to take Ventolin before engaging in any physical activities that may require you to gasp for breath. In this case, the recommended dosage still remains the same (1 or 2 puffs at a time). Once you notice that your asthma condition requires more than 4 uses of Ventolin within 24 hours, you need to visit your doctor for new asthma medication.


  •     The only recommended time to use your inhaler up to 10 puffs is during a severe attack. In this case, always shake the inhaler and ensure to take a 30-second break between each puff.


For effective results during severe attacks, the use of a nebulizer to administer this asthma medication is important. With your doctor’s recommendation, a nebulizer will help you dispense your medication in mist form, which you can inhale directly into your lungs through a mask.

Side effects of using Ventolin

According to feedback, 1 in 100 people might experience a couple of severe side effects after taking the standard dosage of asthma inhalers Ventolin. Consider visiting your doctor, if you currently experience the following annoying g side effects:


  •       Short-term jittery feelings
  •       Severe headaches
  •       Zero chest pain but a quicker heartbeat


As long as you use your inhaler the right way, these side effects will never cause any harm to your body. Instead, your body system will adjust and start getting used to these effects over time.

Here’s how to use your inhaler the right way

For you to achieve the best results, you need to use your inhaler the right way. When not used accordingly, only a little asthma medication will get deep into your lungs, where you need the medicine. By following the simple steps below, you shouldn’t have any issues using Ventolin asthma inhalers:



  •     First, consider reading the printed information sheet inside the Ventolin package for more guidance.
  •     By taking your time to read this brochure, you’ll find relevant information on how to use Ventolin, how to care for it, and when to consider replacing the asthma medication with a new one.